Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lead by your beating heart

Bastille - Laura Palmer
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{Shirt, Blazer, Shoes: Primark; Jeans: Next; Sunglasses: Vintage; Necklace: Claire's}
{Chictopia // Lookbook}

Have I already mentioned how good it feels to be back in Wycombe? Yesterday I met up with Annie to catch up on what I missed last week. We were walking around town and had a really great time! The weather was just amazing and now and then I even took off my blazer because it was too hot for it. I'm really loving the weather right now, wouldn't mind if it stayed like that for some time!

I am really looking forward to Uni, because I will start my final project and I am really excited. My theme is geometric and illusions, so I will create my own patterns and digital prints and wearable garments and stuff I'm so excited!

Marie x

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  1. love your blog your style is great!! the blazer is so nice