Monday, September 08, 2014

Best of me

Long time no see, right? Actually this is meant to be just a quick short post. I still don't really feel like blogging on here, instead I started a second tumblr for my outfit stuff. I just don't feel like writing, what I have done during the day or about what I'm wearing. I just think reading 'I like the combination' over and over again, gets boring quiet quick. On my tumblr however I'm only posting pictures of what I have worn. The pictures aren't always the best as well. It's more of a blog and outfit diary for myself, so I either take them with my ipod/phone or my camera.

I just thought I tell you about it. For all those who still want to know what I'm wearing. I tried to get bloglovin on it, but I haven't worked that out yet.

Marie x

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

You're the better half of me

You Me At Six - Wild Ones
 photo DSCF7839_zpsa1d9e016.jpg

I thought I should write another short update. It's not about me blogging here or anything, but if you want to stick around, know what I'm doing, I thought I should inform you that I changed my tumblr url and twitter and instagram. You can find my tumblr now under instead of, also sinnertobesaint is now my twitter as well as instagram.

Also I had a few outfits posts left, which I had scheduled but never posted. I posted them on tumblr and if you click on the pictures you can see where I got what. I had to split them, because it was like 20 outfits left. So part one here and part two here.

See you soon,

Marie x

Monday, June 23, 2014

Paying for love - Update

Panic! At The Disco - But It's Better When We Do
 photo 0682f3f2-3c4f-4aa0-ad31-97bd4b3735c8_zps259788b7.jpg

I spend the last two days thinking a lot about this blog (don't know is that's a good thing or not ). And I decided not to deleted it. I feel like this blog is a part of me, if that doesn't sound too weird. What I mean is that I've been blogging for four years and I think I would just miss something if I would stop and also I don't really want to stop. In fact, I actually want to improve this blog and I think one of the most important things for me to do is letting people know that I'm blogging. I always kept it kind of a secret, never really told the people around me that I'm actually blogging. And I think the whole time I was just afraid that people would make fun of me and the blog and the whole blogging thing. But I know that I have changed over the last year and I'm much more confident, than I was before. And honestly, I'm proud of the followers I have and that I've been blogging for four years, because usually my attention towards things shifts rather easily and I'm not really good at maintaining things on a regular basis.

However I didn't feel good about some old posts and I wasn't exactly sure what to do about them, but this morning I finally decided to delete them. This blog is about my personal style and I should feel comfortable with the posts on it, because it represents me. And over those four years I've changed quite a lot and I think that those posts don't really represent me anymore. So, to make me feel a lot better about the blog, I just thought it would be best to get rid of them.

Anyhow, I decided to pause this blog for sometime. I thought until I'm back home, which means about two weeks maybe longer. I will still post on Instagram, Tumblr and twitter. I will also leave this blog as it is, so in case you want to have a look through old posts, you still can. I just think that I need to work on a new concept for this blog. One I feel comfortable with and don't ask myself the whole time what others would do. It's my blog and I want to do things my way, even though, I might not know what 'my way' is right now. But I hope I will soon.

I'd also would like to use this opportunity to say thank you to everyone reading this blog, follower or not.

(That sounded a bit more dramatic than I intended. I mean I'll be back in a month or two)

Marie x

Saturday, June 21, 2014

You take it further than I ever can

Bastille - Oblivion
 photo a48696af-42c3-4379-8f66-46a91b971d3a_zps0fe40a8a.jpg

Lately I have been quite frustrated, it's just quiet a few things didn't work out the way I wanted them too and I also started to question some things. One of these things is this blog. I don't really see it going anywhere right now, what really frustrates me. I know I should be happy about the lovely followers I have, but lately I feel like I don't appreciate them as much as I should. And honestly I feel bad about it, because this blog was meant to be about what I'm wearing and it shouldn't depend on the number of followers. It's just that I didn't feel good about blogging lately, because I cared more about the comments and views, than anything else. And especially today, I started to think about deleting this blog or taking a break, to get back to enjoy blogging and focusing on the content and not the numbers. I think about starting all over again. And I don't know, whether I want to do this with a new blog or keep this one, or if I even will blog again.

Like you can see I'm not sure about a lot of things and I am not even sure if this is just a mood, caused by me being frustrated with so many other things. I think I'll try to blog for at least this month and see how I'm feeling about it all.

Marie x

Friday, June 20, 2014