Saturday, November 17, 2012

Reombred Hair / Review L'Oreal Préférence Wild Ombre

So I thought it might be time again to blog and on thursday I reombred my hair using the L'Oreal Préférence Wild Ombre kit because my mum and me have been curious how well this is going to work. And I am really impressed! It was easy to aplly with a little brush, that comes with it! I also think with this brush it was so much easy to smudge the ombre line!

For sure it is a bleach and it will damage you hair! and I would recomand to use deep conditioner and leave it on for about 40min it will help! My hair are feeling so much softer now than after bleaching it.

I honestly really like the product and even though it was a little bit more expansive that the usuall bleaches but definetly not so expansive for a hair dye it really impressed me and I just can recomand it.

A other point I really liked about it was that you get it in diffrent shades for you hair! I don't know thats diffrent between the dyes but I guess its the concentration of bleach!

I am sorry for the instagram picture forget to use my usuall camera

Marie x

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sponsored Post: Mirapodo

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*Sponsored Post*

001. Welcome to my first sponsered post like you can guess it is about the online store Mirapodo. My german follower might know the shop from the commercial. I looked through the shop and my favourite shoes you can see in the picture above!

002. I also really like that they have so many brands like Vagabond & Tamaris. I was really suprised to see shoes by Avril Lavignes Abbey Dawn. And they have the usualy brands like Converse and Vans. My favourite brand at Mirapodo is Blink by Bronx they got this lovely cat loafers and like most of the shoes you can see in the picture! But the cat loafers are my favourites!

003. They also have a nice service I just discovered (while I was looking if they have the Abbey Dawn shoes in my size) if a pair of shoes is not available in your size or you want to wait until it is cheaper you can have the service that they write you a mail!

Marie x

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