Saturday, May 31, 2014

Put on your war paint - Favourites

Fall Out Boy - The Phoenix
 photo b56f91e0-8e83-4a1f-ab07-ad7218100feb_zps8cd1278a.jpg
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Marie x

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Caught up in the spotlight

All Time Low - Sick Little Games
 photo DSCF9374_zps0ed54a7e.jpg
 photo DSCF9347_zps36d842d3.jpg
 photo DSCF9334_zps4fdcaac5.jpg
{Shirt - Asos / Jumper - Homesick / Jeans - Primark / Shoes - Ebay}
Lookbook // chictopia

Just a quick post of an outfit I will wear for like half an hour! Like I mentioned before we are currently painting the studio at uni, so what I'm wearing is dirty and doesn't belong here, but today I actually need to go food shopping so I thought I get dressed properly and post it, even though I'm only wearing it for half an hour. I'm really annoyed that we paint the studio right now, because I want to wear my air max and my usual shoes, but I can't.

Also I'd like to mention that these pictures were taken last week and my hair is actually green now, well bits of it. I'm still not sure, whether I really like it or not. I mean I don't hate it, I can life with it, but I don't know yet, if I will do it again. I posted a picture of it on tumblr and also you can see a better pictures of my air max.

Marie x

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

We're falling apart to half time - Baseball/Raglan Tee

Fall Out Boy - Dance, Dance
 photo baseball_zpsbd542ea8.png
Topshop Baseball Tee, Topshop Raglan Top, Asos V-Neck Top, Asos Boyfriend Tee

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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Loverboy, you play those hearts like toys.

You Me At Six - Loverboy
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 photo DSCF9601_zps1fabf27f.jpg
 photo DSCF9553_zps1e39e918.jpg
{Shirt, Jacket, Jeans - Primark // Shoes - Nike // Necklace - Claire's}
Lookbook // Chictopia

Just a quick outfit post of what I'm wearing today. I thought about whether I should post it or not, because I basically just wore it to quickly get some food, but I decided to post it to show you my new shoes! After posting my trainers post, I went on ebay and found these. I had actually planed on buying new ones, next month. But these were only 30 quid and barely used and they are purple, so I just had to buy them. I'm totally in love with them! They are really comfy and so lovely to walk in. I just wore them for let's say half an hour, but I'm totally in love with them!

I know I said in my last post, that I would probably post like usual again, but we're going to paint the studio next week, which means I won't wear anything worth showing here, so I'll try to prepare few inspiration posts and there might be a proper outfit posts, but I can't promise anything!

Marie x

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Oh god, I'm sick of sleeping alone

All Time Low - Backseat Serenade
 photo DSCF9318_zpseafd2d9b.jpg
 photo DSCF9303_zps34f1a82b.jpg
 photo DSCF9285_zps0a9be2e6.jpg
 photo DSCF9283_zps88d8e430.jpg
{Shirt - Asos // Socks - Topshop // Shoes - Ebay // Necklace - Etsy // Jeans - Primark // Hat - H&M}
Lookbook // Chictopia

Lately I'm totally into usual shirts instead of my collar shirts. I feel like what I'm wearing has changed so much since last year. I blame it on the fact that I found jeans, which actually fit perfectly! It makes it so much easier in the morning, if you ask me. Now I'm pulling on my jeans and a shirt, instead of wondering ages, which shirt is long enough to wear with leggings or should I wear a skirt/dress instead. I feel like I save so much time! But also I feel like I'm blogging not that much like I did before, because now I'm wearing shirt and jeans and I just don't really feel like taking pictures of it, because it's nothing special really. But oh well! Loving my jeans anyway!

Marie x

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

So dance alone to the beat of your heart

Fall Out Boy - The Phoenix
 photo DSCF8621_zpsc139c643.jpg
 photo DSCF8625_zpsee818255.jpg
 photo DSCF8650_zpsd9ba4bf4.jpg
{Shirt, Jeans, Jacket - Primark // Shoes - Vans}
Lookbook // Chictopia

I'm sorry for the lack of outfits lately, but I worked on my final project for Uni and the weather wasn't really playing along to my prepared outfit pictures. Obviously I wasn't was optimistic as I should have been. Anyway, I finished the last bits for my exhibition today and don't really have to worry about it now, until it comes to putting it all up. That will be a hell lot of fun (note the sarcasm.) That means that I'll try and get to my usual blogging again.

Marie x

Friday, May 16, 2014

Heart's on fire tonight - Haul

All Time Low - Love Like War
 photo DSCF9168_zpsdecfc6ee.jpg
 photo DSCF9178_zps5fcb7f40.jpg
 photo DSCF9199_zpsc50882da.jpg
 photo DSCF9224_zpsdf8ce8e5.jpg
 photo DSCF9239_zpsdcf2aceb.jpg
 photo DSCF9267_zps2bd4e7db.jpg
{Piercings - Ebay / Shirts - Asos / Jumper - Homesick / Nail Polish - Barry M via Asos}

So this is the haul to the online shopping I've done, which I mentioned in this post. Next to two new piercings, I also bought a nail polish (review) and this two shirts from Asos. I'm totally in love with them! I also bought the jumper from Homesick Apparel off Depop!

I bought a few more things, which haven't arrived yet or I can't get because of my current living situation. I ranted about it on Tumblr and don't want to rant again here for click here if you want to read it!

Marie x

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The lies and affectations - Trainers

Panic! At The Disco - The Vegas Lights
 photo Untitled2_zps51a3fefc.png
Adidas Trainers via Topshop, Nike Trainers Via Asos, Monki Trainers Via Asos, Printed Nike Trainers Via Asos, New Balance Trainers Via Asos, Neon Nike Trainers via Asos

 photo lnf15_zps9e790ff4.jpg
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Here you can see my number one item on my wishlist, a pair of trainers. I would prefer the black Nike's of course, but honestly I don't see the point in spending 50+ quid on them. I know that you can get look-a-likes at Primark right and I tried them on today, but they just didn't look right.

Tip: Might be worth to check their own sites and not Asos, 'cause they might be cheaper.

Marie x

Monday, May 12, 2014

It's too easy to be scared sometimes

Patrick Stump - Love, Selfish Love
 photo DSCF8097_zpsafd2872f.jpg
 photo DSCF8065_zpsd1a9feb2.jpg
{Shirt, Jacket - New Look / Skirt - H&M / Shoes - Primark}
Lookbook // Chictopia

So this is what I wore yesterday to the festival thing at my Uni. I actually intended to go only yesterday, but ended up going Saturday as well. On Saturday I wore something similar to this, only with my Primark Buckle Boots, which was a huge mistake. Now I got blisters on the sole of my feet, yeah I won't be wearing heels for a while. On Sunday I decided to wear my loafers, because let's face it, they are really comfortable.

Annie, Alice and me actually went to see Foxes, but ended up in the silent disco. Basically everyone gets headphones and you can switch between two DJs. And it's just hilarious to take the headphones off, because everyone is singing a long, but in a really horrible way and if you watch the people dancing it sometimes doesn't fit to the music you are listening and it really funny. So yeah, instead of going to see Foxes, we enjoyed ourself in the silent disco.

Marie x

Saturday, May 10, 2014

It is not enough to be dumbstruck

Bastille - The Silence
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 photo DSCF9159_zps60dce6b3.jpg
 photo DSCF9167_zpsde86ccfb.jpg
 photo DSCF9140_zpsfc5be784.jpg
{Shirt - New Look / Jeans - Primark / Socks, Hat - Topshop / Shoes - Ebay}
Lookbook // Chictopia

Just a few month ago I would have never worn normal socks with flat. I don't know why, but I just didn't like the look of it, at least on me, even though I actually never tried it. It doesn't really make sense. But when I was taking outfit pictures today I decided to give it a try, I was inspired by this look for a different look, which I probably will wear this week. And after taking those pictures I tried this look and I actually really like it. I like it that much, that I decided to just stick with it today.

Marie x

Friday, May 09, 2014

I thought of angels, choking on their halos

Fall Out Boy - Just One Yesterday (ft. Foxes)
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 photo DSCF7652_zps547545e5.jpg
 photo DSCF7622_zpse8f5e951.jpg
 photo DSCF7619_zps08c4eb4a.jpg
{Shirt - H&M / Hat - Topshop / Jeans, Jacket - Primark / Shoes - Ebay / Necklace - Claire's}
Lookbook // Chictopia

Today has been one of those days, which I spend running around Uni and town, getting stuff done. For example I bought some bleach to make my ombre a bit more blonder. I really look forward to that! Also I did some designs for digital printing, but couldn't print them, because the queue was too long so I will do that on Monday. And I got my wristband for this kind of festival thing my uni is having this weekend. Basically the whole weekend different artists are performing, like Foxes or Scouting For girls, at least they are the artist I'm going to see. I am so looking forward to it and I haven't been out in ages, so this will be good!

Marie x

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Oh nostalgia, I don't need you anymore

Patrick Stump - Spotlight
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 photo DSCF7703_zps9a8fdf5d.jpg
 photo DSCF7725_zps2aa0d33b.jpg
 photo DSCF7732_zps8475b717.jpg
{Shirt - H&M / Jumper, Jeans, Shoes - Primark / Necklace - Claire's}
Lookbook // Chictopia

I feel like I haven't posted an outfit in ages! It's just a simple outfit, I just felt like wearing a jumper. Even though I think I will regret it soon. The whole morning it was rather gloomy and now the sun is coming out, which means it'll get rather warm.

I've done a bit of online shopping yesterday. So I'm really looking forward to the end of this week / beginning of next week, because I'll get a parcel from Asos & Monki, also I ordered two new piercings and a band shirt, which I think you'll see as soon as I get it 'cause I already see myself never taking it off. I personally hardly buy band merchandise, but I really loved the shirt and the band so I just had to buy it.

Marie x

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Raise my hands - Alexa Chung

Mumford and Sons - I Will Wait
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Marie x

Friday, May 02, 2014

They never seem to catch my eye

Imagine Dragons - Tiptoe
 photo DSCF7571_zps4f36cd3b.jpg
 photo DSCF7578_zpse9c3b7a7.jpg
 photo DSCF7561_zps802cc0f9.jpg
 photo DSCF7554_zpsd94ec8bd.jpg
{Jacket, Shirt: New Look; Jeans: Primark; Shoes: H&M}
Lookbook // Chictopia

Ah, I just love leather jackets, no matter if they are sleeveless or not. This outfit was something I quickly threw on to quickly go get some food. And I just really love the combination of the leather jacket and the stripped shirt. Because it was rather windy outside, I wore it with my red tartan scarf. And that's a combination, the scarf and the stripped shirt, I probably love more than the leather jacket stripped shirt combination.

Marie x

Thursday, May 01, 2014