Sunday, March 23, 2014

I feel overjoyed - Travel Bags

Bastille - Overjoyed
 photo DSCF6491_zps74b0fbb0.jpg
PJ: Trousers: Primark, Top: New Look; Book: Amazon; Make Up Bag: Primark. (Clothes see outfit posts)
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Notebooks: House of Fraser; Purse: Monki; Umbrella: Primark
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Portfolio: Amazon; Weekend bag: Primark; Small bag: H&M

Most people probably know what I'm talking about when I say that I always pack too much. While I was packing for my little trip, I kind of looked back to the last time I was taking the bus from London and I remembered that my bag was always much too heavy. I also remembered that I didn't wear half of the stuff I packed so this time I told myself only to pack stuff I would really wear.

I came up with four rather comfy but still smart outfits, which you will see in the next following days. I sometimes tend to take pictures of outfits I would wear but end up with wearing something completely different. I also tend to pack my whole closet basically, because I think I have to wear a completely new outfit everyday. This time I reminded myself that I don't need to pack like that and instead wear a shirt twice, but with a jumper or different jacket.

So this time my bag is not as heavy as it was last time, what is good because my portfolio is already heavy enough!

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