Thursday, December 05, 2013

You will bite your tongue until it bleeds - Wishlist

 photo Downloads35_zpsa19455e8.jpg
Floral Topshop Dress, Topshop tartan Trousers, H&M Lace Shirt, Topshop T-Shirt Dress, Topshop Chiffon Panel Top, Topshop tartan Top, H&M Chiffon Dress, New Look Mesh Tee, River Island Tartan Dress, New Look Floral Dress, River Island Lace Dress, Topshop Shoes, Dotted H&M Dress, New Look Heart Print Shirt, Dotted H&M Shirt, Oversized River Island Tee

Lauren Aquilina - Talk To Me

Marie x


  1. Love everything here, especially the tartan!