Friday, December 20, 2013

Can't be afraid to take a fall

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{ Shirt: Redrock; Jacket, Leggings: Primark; Fedora: Topshop; Shoes: H&M}
{Chictopia // Lookbook }

I'm home! Yeah I am in Germany for the next three weeks! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again and have lovely holidays with my family!
So here you see my first outfit at home! I mentioned already before that I took the pictures before I left so in case someone is wondering. I will still try to take pictures here as well because let's face it I will wear more than 10 outfits I guess.

Now that I am back I probably will also go to the hairdresser to get my horrible tips cut off, even though I would love to keep my rather long hair. Oh I don't know what to do! I guess a “Favourite hairstyle” post will come soon.

Little Mix - Little Me

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  1. die lederjacke gefällt mir richtig gut!
    total schönes outfit :)