Sunday, February 09, 2014

I can feel it pulling me back

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{Cross Necklace, Blazer: Primark; Shirt: New Look; Shoes, Skirt: H&M; Wishbone Necklace:Etsy}
{Lookbook // Chictopia}

So my outfit from Friday. I don't know why it took me two days to post it, because actually I haven't done anything in the last two days, apart from watching DVDs and searching for films on netflix. Is it only me or can one actually have too many choices?

This is not what I wore to my interview though, to my interview I kind of wore this outfit. I wore this after I came home and decided to quickly change before meeting in town with my friend Annie. We tortured us going through New Look, H&M, House of Fraser without buying anything, well in House of Fraser we both bought something but well I bought a journal not that exciting is it?

Bastille - The Draw

Marie x

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