Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The lies and affectations - Trainers

Panic! At The Disco - The Vegas Lights
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Adidas Trainers via Topshop, Nike Trainers Via Asos, Monki Trainers Via Asos, Printed Nike Trainers Via Asos, New Balance Trainers Via Asos, Neon Nike Trainers via Asos

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Via Pinterest

Here you can see my number one item on my wishlist, a pair of trainers. I would prefer the black Nike's of course, but honestly I don't see the point in spending 50+ quid on them. I know that you can get look-a-likes at Primark right and I tried them on today, but they just didn't look right.

Tip: Might be worth to check their own sites and not Asos, 'cause they might be cheaper.

Marie x

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