Tuesday, May 20, 2014

So dance alone to the beat of your heart

Fall Out Boy - The Phoenix
 photo DSCF8621_zpsc139c643.jpg
 photo DSCF8625_zpsee818255.jpg
 photo DSCF8650_zpsd9ba4bf4.jpg
{Shirt, Jeans, Jacket - Primark // Shoes - Vans}
Lookbook // Chictopia

I'm sorry for the lack of outfits lately, but I worked on my final project for Uni and the weather wasn't really playing along to my prepared outfit pictures. Obviously I wasn't was optimistic as I should have been. Anyway, I finished the last bits for my exhibition today and don't really have to worry about it now, until it comes to putting it all up. That will be a hell lot of fun (note the sarcasm.) That means that I'll try and get to my usual blogging again.

Marie x

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