Sunday, November 24, 2013

You put your arms around me - Instagram #19

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OOTD #1, Pig my brother brought me from Germany, selfie #1, selfie #2, selfie project for uni, launch at Westfield, at Tate with my best friend, Westfield for launch, on our way to London, Socks I bought at Topshop; OOTD #2, Big Sixes live at the SU, watching Harry Potter, Halloween, Fireworks, went to the zoo in Dundee, snuggled with my grandpa's dog, shopping in Dundee, selfie #3, watching Memories of a Geisha & eating Bueno, at the pub with my best friend, selfie #4, freshers ball, Oktoberfest at the SU, selfie #5, muuusic

I haven't done one of those in ages so I thought it would be time to update my instagram posts.

Christina Perri - Arms

Marie x

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