Saturday, June 21, 2014

You take it further than I ever can

Bastille - Oblivion
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Lately I have been quite frustrated, it's just quiet a few things didn't work out the way I wanted them too and I also started to question some things. One of these things is this blog. I don't really see it going anywhere right now, what really frustrates me. I know I should be happy about the lovely followers I have, but lately I feel like I don't appreciate them as much as I should. And honestly I feel bad about it, because this blog was meant to be about what I'm wearing and it shouldn't depend on the number of followers. It's just that I didn't feel good about blogging lately, because I cared more about the comments and views, than anything else. And especially today, I started to think about deleting this blog or taking a break, to get back to enjoy blogging and focusing on the content and not the numbers. I think about starting all over again. And I don't know, whether I want to do this with a new blog or keep this one, or if I even will blog again.

Like you can see I'm not sure about a lot of things and I am not even sure if this is just a mood, caused by me being frustrated with so many other things. I think I'll try to blog for at least this month and see how I'm feeling about it all.

Marie x


  1. I think you should definitely keep your blog :) It's a great blog, and you've clearly put in a lot of effort, so why delete it? Maybe you could take a break from blogging for a while, and i hope this feeling passes xx

    Colour Me In Blog

  2. Thank you a lot :) Yeah I guess I just need to get my thoughts straight :) xx

  3. Hi there^^,
    I really like your piercing! I love piercings in general, but don´t have any :( But soon I´ll get a surface piercing :) I love the way your hair texture looks!