Monday, June 16, 2014

But I'm smiling at everything - London

All Time Low - Therapy

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{Jumper - Homesick Appearl // Hat - H&M // Sunglasses - Bijou Brigitte}

This weekend has been amazing but also frustrating at the same time. My friend Nani from school came to visit me and we had a really lovely time. On Thursday was Alice's birthday so Nani joined us, Annie, Zoe and Suphia and we first went strawberry picking and afterwards walked along the Thames, before getting some food at a pub. It was really nice and kind of exhausting.
Friday was the private viewing of my course's exhibition, which was quite nice. And on Saturday we went into London. It was Nani's first time in London, so we did the usual, Big Ben, Oxford Circus, London Eye, Tower Bridge. We actually walked along the Thames, from Big Ben to Tower Bridge and it was really nice. Even though the weather was a bit strange, it was either too warm to wear your jumper or as soon as the sun was gone it was not warm enough in a shirt. And we saw the Queen and Kate and Camilla and Harry. We didn't know that 'Trooping the colours' was taking place and we were kind of confused at first, but stayed anyway for a bit.

The frustrating bit of the weekend was that I dropped my phone into the toilette. Yeah I never understood how people managed to do it, now I do. I forgot to take it out of my back pocket, like I usually do and now all that's left is waiting until tonight or tomorrow to check if it's still working. I'm hoping for the best, but I fear that my luck sucks like always and that it won't work.

Marie x

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