Friday, October 04, 2013

Shake my head dizzy so I'll never know

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{Jumper, Shirt, Boots, Beanie: Primark; Leggings: Topshop}
{Lookbook // Chictopia }

I was definitely dressed too warm today! Even though the weather was kind of strange, sunshine with rain. I am sorry if you see a little grey spot, it's not dirty it's paint. I still cry about the fact that I painted one of my favourite jumpers, but it's my own fault for wearing it to uni.

Right now I reached the point where I am kind of bored of my hair again. I'm awful I know but I really want to do something with my hair. I will go to a hairdresser soon, as soon as I found a good one where I am living. I don't want to drive to London to get my hair cut but on the other side, than I would have a reason to go! I also think about dying my hair like a red colour again. I am not sure! I see myself coming back to Germany in December with the same hair I am having now because I couldn't decided!

Ellie Goulding - Goodness Gracious

Marie x

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  1. ah, your boots are so cute here! i must find that perfect basic black pair for winter sooon!

    lindsey louise

  2. Love chelsea boots, this outfit is making me more excited for colder months!

  3. I could totally see you rocking some red hair. Do it!