Friday, September 27, 2013

Telling me I'm winning wars they created

 photo DSCN0305_zps041b81b9.jpg
 photo 50c982c1-3f1f-4477-8938-4d36daecb030_zps3601c02b.jpg
{Dress, Cardigan, Jacket, Boots: Primark; Hat, Socks: H&M; Necklace: Clairs}

Ohu that’s a very Primarky outfit! But I still like it. The dress, I guess it's actually a shirt that I just bought too big, has fake leather sleeves which is really cool and the material is quiet thin and soft so very nice to wear. I love the cardigan it's just so fluffy and cosy I could wear it all the time.
I actually wore this last week, I couldn't be bothered to take a new outfit because I don't know why but I'm quiet exhausted.

I was shopping so much in the last three weeks, I think it's even too much for a haul. I actually had to buy quiet a lot of stuff for my course, because I needed clothes, which could get dirty and to be honest all the stuff I brought from Germany, actually shouldn't get dirty. So I went to Primark and bought a lot of t-shirts and stuff to get dirty. I think about posting them but I'm not sure so if you want to see them just tell me.

Ellie Goulding - Salt Skin

Marie x


  1. Tolle Einzelteile und tolles Outfit! Ich bin kein Fan von dem 'camouflage-Trend',sonst gefällt mir alles sehr gut :)

    Lea ♥

  2. Mag ich und steht Dir gut.
    Der Cardigan ist bestimmt kuschelig. (:

    LG Lina :*

  3. Love the jacket! :) Nice blog, great design ! xxx

  4. Really want that fluffy cardigan, i bought the jumper version today!